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André Shepherd

Emil Richter

Out of Society
Germany/Serbia 2013

director: Nancy Brandt
camera: Thomas Beckmann, Thomas Doberitzsch
editor: Katja Nguyễn Thành, Nancy Brandt
sound Design: Friedrich Wohlfarth
music: Michael Edwards
executive producer: Karolin Koretz
production: University of Television and Film Munich

shooting time: 2005-2012
length: 78 min
shooting formats: HD, MiniDV, Hi8 (Archiv)


What would it mean to venture out of society? To oppose a system clearly more powerful than yourself? To take that decision with full consciousness and conviction, knowing that there is no way back to a "normal life"?

Two stories, separated by almost seven decades, are connected by the same plight.

Emil Richter (1914-2009) escaped from the German Wehrmacht and inadvertently ends up in Serbia, where he hides from the German army for seven years. André Shepherd (b.1977) escapes from the U.S. military, goes underground for 19 months in a small Bavarian village, then applies for asylum in Germany.

What has actually changed since 1945?


30. Kasseler Dokfest
Crossroads Festival Graz (21.5.-1.6.2014)

release of the film in Germany/DVD sale

There is the possibility to book a film screening in the presence of me, André Shepherd or Rudi Friedrich (Connection e.V.). More about the conditions you can find here.

From now on the DVD is available in stores! You can order it online under the ISBN-number 978-3-86569-925-1 at Alibri Verlag, bei Connection e. V. or here, too.

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